Mountain Grove

Summer Concert Series

Mountain Grove at Citrus Plaza, a Majestic Realty property, had aspirations of being much more than a shopping center. They wanted to be a part of the community, a destination, a place to make memories. In 2016, Majestic Realty partnered with Feltman Agency to incorporate a summer concert series into their marketing and events calendar. The digital marketing masters at Feltman Agency got the word out with social media campaigns, SEO/SEM, and radio spots. It’s popularity amongst the community and the vendors was so great that it’s now a yearly event!

In addition to these rockin' Summer Concert Series, Feltman Agency has helped Majestic Realty launch and bolster several of their shopping centers from Los Angeles to the Inland Empire, including Citrus Plaza, The Village, and The Marketplace.  With our expertise, these Majestic Realty shopping centers have increased their marketshare with a mix of digital marketing and traditional advertising including new websites, SEO/SEM, social media, billboard, radio, and several full-scale, turnkey events.