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Car Dealers, About Your Facebook Page...


Event Marketing

Have a giveaway, launch party, or customer appreciation day!

Social media is a great medium to promote events at your dealership. You can increase your attendance while also increasing your social media presence. With Facebook’s plug-ins, having a contest is easier than ever. How about a car giveaway contest? You can post the form and all the legal disclaimers right on Facebook. Though requiring a like is no longer allowed on Facebook, you can still request they like your page, and most people will.

Host an event at your dealership and let your social media audience know. You can use Facebook as a platform to keep your RSVPs. Use all your social media platforms to publicize your event.

The payoff is more customers engaged with your dealership when they’re not in car buying mode. Use these opportunities to create relationships with potential customers so that when they are ready, you are their first choice!


Social media has a place in the automotive world, it’s just not to sell cars. There are many options out there to publish interesting and daily content to your website on your behalf. It’s important to have new and fresh content on your social media sites or your visitors won’t re-engage with you. And use our strategies to use social media to its maximum potential.

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