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Welcome to our inaugural Feltman Agency blog post! This is sort of like a first date, so we're going to talk a lot about ourselves and try to impress you. If you want to go grab a glass of wine and get comfortable, we'll wait here.

Ready? Great! Craig Feltman, our fearless leader, has been in the ad agency world since 1982. He's worked at small agencies and has been a partner at larger agencies in Orange County, CA, but in 2007, he decided to go out on his own and bring his vision to life. It was called Feltman and Associates in Costa Mesa, CA, it started with three brave souls, and it was focused on the automotive industry.

We've come a long way since then, though still lean and mean in size, we've helped clients from many industries. And let's talk about size for a moment. Does size really matter? Feltman Agency is comprised of six advertising-loving, expertly trained, laser focused members. So when is smaller better? When there's no room for waste or red tape. When there are no politics. When collaboration isn't only expected, but vital. When each person was carefully and painstakingly chosen to execute to near perfection and does so on a daily basis.

Feltman Agency is not a vendor. We're not just a creative factory or a digital big box solution. We're your strategic partner... that sounds so formal. Let's be real, we're your new BFF. We care about our clients, we get involved in all facets of their business because marketing and advertising is all encompassing. Our clients come to depend on us for everything and we love it because we love them.

Are you getting the warm and fuzzies? Starting to feel the butterflies and hoping we're going to ask you on a second date? Well we sure are!!! We hope you'll enjoy our future blog posts and get to know us. We'll talk about business and the market, we'll chat about cool projects we're working on, and we'll probably talk about the best places to get donuts in Costa Mesa.

So let's recap really quick. Feltman Agency is full-service advertising agency that focuses on digital marketing in Costa Mesa, CA. We do it all, search engine marketing (SEM), email marketing, custom events, website management, logos, print, TV, organic and paid social media, and custom projects too. We might focus on digital marketing, but traditional advertising is still important too. If you'd like to partner up with us, shoot us an email at We'd love to hear from you.

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