Center For New Medicine

Website Redesign

When the Center For New Medicine team came to Feltman Agency expressing their concern regarding their outdated website, we knew a full redesign was the answer. With the goals in mind of increasing website traffic, new patient sign-ups, and overall brand awareness, we set out to create the most beautiful health & wellness site in all the land. 


The redesign process started from the ground up. Research, sitemap development, and style-guide creation were at the foundation of this project. Next came the fun stuff - selecting imagery and layout designs to properly communicate the natural, but effective principles and procedures that Center For New Medicine operates by. Using their mission statement as a guide, Feltman Agency produced pages with relevant content to develop a draft site that was then presented to the Center For New Medicine team. After receiving feedback and adjusting accordingly, the current site was launched. It now lives happily ever after at cfnmedicine.com, and can be found organically through a simple search of any integrative medical keywords, thanks to our wonderful SEO geniuses.